Hot Water Plumbing

A properly functioning hot water system is essential. There is nothing worse than waking up to a cold/empty tank and facing the prospect of a cold shower. Both private and commercial businesses rely on a steady supply of hot water for their showering and cleaning needs. Home Plumber will ensure that you have access to hot water 365 days a year, so you’ll never have to worry about family arguments or customer complaints ever again. Reliable, fast and friendly service is guaranteed. If you’re having issues with your hot water system or are looking to install a new one, give us a call today. Call anytime on 0488 885 133.

Our qualified plumbers are ready to assist you with all the following systems and services:

  • Electric Hot Water
  • Gas Hot Water
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Heat Pumps
  • Instantaneous Hot Water
  • Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

Not enough hot water? Call in the Home Plumber!

No one deserves to be without hot water. If you find yourself running out of hot water on a regular basis, it’s time to solve the problem once and for all. Call us today and we will help diagnose the issue and find a solution that works for you and your family/business. We specialise in fixing all manner of hot water systems, including electric, gas, solar, gas boosted and even instantaneous systems.

Common issues that may be affecting the flow of hot water include a broken element, issues with the thermostat or a leaking tank or pipe. Our team will undertake a thorough investigation to discover exactly what the problem is before advising you on a solution. In many cases, it might be a simpler fix than you expected. We carry high quality products from leading brands, so you can be confident that any work carried out by us will last the distance. We can replace elements or thermostats the very same day, and we can also repair any cracked/leaking tanks or pipes. For friendly service and advice you can trust, contact us today.

Looking to switch to solar? – Home Plumber can help

Everyone’s looking to save where they can, and a solar hot water system can reduce your energy bills by as much as 50%. This technology has now become an affordable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to electric and gas heating, making it very attractive for families and businesses.

Solar systems can be tricky to install.  A successful installation requires heavy lifting, specialised tools and technological know-how that only qualified plumbers possess. Don’t waste your time and money attempting this yourself, call in the experts at Home Plumber.

We can also assist you with gas boosted solar hot water systems. If you live in an area that does not receive consistent sunlight, this is a great way to ensure constant access to hot water. We can install a tankless gas water heater that will be used in conjunction with solar. It will only be activated when there is not enough sun, guaranteeing access to hot water 24/7.

Contact Home Plumber Today!

We’ll help you choose, install and maintain a reliable, efficient hot water system that will suit your needs for many years to come. Contact our friendly team today, and enjoy an endless stream of hot water all year round. Call us anytime on 0488 885 133.